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Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design Services

Graphic design makes up a large part of any businesses and when done properly can be the key to its success. This is even truer with clothing related business. Without the skills and tools needed to convey ideas and produce quality designs, many businesses find it hard to compete. Merchster have over 10 year’s experience in the field of graphic design and have all the skills needed to provide your company with quality graphics no matter what the scope.Below are some of the areas we have helped our clients over the years:

  • Company Identity (Including branding, logo creation, company colour profiles etc)
  • Logo Creation (Multiple logo creation for a range of uses)
  • Company Stationary (Stationary to enhance your businesses appearance)
  • Look Books (Digital or physical booklets for showcasing your business or clothing lines)
  • Swing Tags (Custom swing tags themed to go with your latest range)
  • In Neck Tags (Create custom neck tags to stand out from companies using generic tags)
  • Artwork Design (Creating effective designs for your T-shirt business)
  • Artwork Re-work (Helping artists to convert their sketches & Illustrations to digital art)
  • Advertising (Creating successful ad campaigns for your business)
  • Marketing / Advertising Mocks (Mocks for pre-sale, look books & web sites)

Using the skills listed above Merchster has the ability to create successful projects with each of our clients no matter what field within the clothing industry. From newly established clothing labels looking to get a head to bands wanting a new look for their upcoming album or show, Merchster have the skills to ensure a successful project each and every time.

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T-Shirt Design

Have a design idea but don’t have the skills to create it? Merchster can turn your ideas into reality with our in-house design team. We can create designs based on your ideas or let us loose and we will design for you.

Artwork & Logo Re-work

Have an existing design or logo but don’t have it in a high resolution or vector format? Merchster has the ability to re-create these designs and logos for you from the images you do have.

Vinyl Cut Sticker Design

Vinyl cut stickers require a vector based image to create stickers. Our design team can help you either design your stickers or recreate your logo etc in a usable format required for vinyl cutters.

Logo Design

Merchster’s in-house design team have an experienced background in logo development. If your looking for quality affordable logo design, look no further then Merchster.

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